Puzzoodle Halloween

I was expecting Puzzoodle Halloween to be a total waste of time because the title screen is ass ugly, but it’s really a pretty impressive jigsaw puzzle app.

This free Halloween version of Fulltilt Interactive’s non-themed $2.99 Puzzoodle Jigsaw contains 20 jigsaw puzzles that, when completed, form the pieces of a bigger Halloween puzzle. As you work on each puzzle, just double-tap the individual puzzle pieces to rotate them and drag them to wherever you think they should go.

If you ever get stuck and can’t solve a puzzle, you can take a peek at what the finished product should look like or you can just throw in the towel and tell the app to solve the puzzle for you.

The thing that I found most surprising about Puzzoodle Halloween is the production quality. The graphics are top-notch, and even the options and help menus are super cool. I’m a major arachnophobic so all the little tarantulas decorating this app kind of freaked me out at first, but they weren’t so bad when covered with puzzle pieces.

These Puzzoodles aren’t exactly “easy”, so there’s a lot of playtime here that can definitely extend past Halloween. Older kids, like maybe ages 10 and up, could probably handle the workload but I’d bet that younger children would lose interest fast.

Fulltilt Interactive did a really nice job of using the Halloween season to show off what they’re capable of producing.¬†Puzzoodle Halloween is free so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out, and if you love it to death you might actually decide to pay for the non-themed Puzzoodle Jigsaw which lets you make jigsaw puzzles out of your own pictures.

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