Q & F: Bible (YouVersion)


Like may of the other Bible apps,’s Bible app has both strengths and weaknesses. The biggest strength of YouVersion is the numerous Bible translations available for free. Copyrighted translations (such as NIV) require web access to be used and cannot be downloaded to you iPhone. Older translations (such as KJV) can be downloaded onto your iPhone so that it can be accessed even if you don’t have internet available.

In addition to the Bible itself, YouVersion has some nice additional functions. If you are trying to read through the Bible in a year, there is a daily reading schedule included. Bookmarking favorite verses is quick and simple, all you have to do is tap the verse. You can also email verses to friends if you want.

One feature that is unique to YouVersion is the Contribs. Other users from around the world can contribute notes or even YouTube videos that are connected to particular verses. By tapping on the verse you can connect to those notes and videos and see what others think about a particular verse. Unfortunately some of the downloaded Bibles do not seem compatible with this feature.

YouVersion does have a few shortcomings, however. While most programs allow you to change the aspect to landscape view, YouVersion locks you into the portrait view. It is also unfortunate that while you can see other people’s notes on a verse, there is no way to type in notes yourself.

In speaking to the average Bible reader, if you are only going to download one Bible app, I recommend this one. While other Bible programs have some positive features, this one is most likely to have what you need while being simple enough for anyone to use.

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