Q Racer iPhone Game Lets Students Learn and Play at the Same Time

Q Racer screenshot

LOS ANGELES, CA — (January 13, 2011) – Hug a Panda has launched its first educational iPhone/iPod touch game called Q Racer for learners in middle school, high school, and beyond . Q Racer is a trivia racing game designed not only to test what a player knows, but help players learn the content as they play.

In each of Q Racer’s three race types players answer questions from themed word lists. There are 100 lists including Roman numerals, French vocabulary, and the periodic table of elements. As players win races and master lists they earn badges and coins that can be used to purchase additional lists. More importantly they learn the content presented in the lists.

Q Racer features a unique learning engine where it monitors a player’s performance and chooses when and what questions to ask so learning never becomes too easy or too hard. The game adapts to a player’s ability and presents questions and answer choices to best maximize memory retention based, in-part, on Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve.

What makes Q Racer unique is the combination of gaming elements and sound scientific learning principles. The result is players can learn new information without realizing they are learning.

Q Racer is currently available in the Apple iTunes store for a limited introductory price of $0.99. Learn more by visiting Q Racer on iTunes .

About Hug a Panda, LLC
Hug a Panda’s mission is to create great casual learning games. Games where the fun comes first and learning comes second.

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