Q&F: 9-Toolbox

9-Toolbox is free right now, but normally sells for $4.99

You’ve probably seen 9-Toolbox in the App Store’s Top 25 list of freebies, and for good reason! It’s a basically the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone utilities and comes with all kinds of functions:

  • Currency conversion
  • Date-to-date calculations
  • Lists holidays in just about every part of the world
  • Two different bubble levels
  • Loan calculator with side-by-side loan comparison
  • Tip calculator and bill splitter
  • 6 different unit conversions (area, length, pressure, temperature, volume, weight)

And it even tries to help you track… uhhh… “lady stuff”! Periods, ovulation, pregnancy probability, that kind of thing.

Hey, the app’s free. Get it before e2ndesign decides they want your money!

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