Q&F: Audiogasm

Ooohhh baby… it’s Audiogasm! Great name for an app, and the app itself isn’t too bad either.

Audiogasm is a visualization thingy just like you’ll find in most desktop media players. It reacts to sounds picked up by the iPhone’s mic and creates all kinds of crazy animated patterns in response. Shake the iPhone to change the animation and swipe a finger across the screen to take a screenshot of it.

It’s a pretty cool app that we all knew someone would create eventually… in fact, there are a few different visualizers available in the iTunes App Store right now. Unfortunately they all share one major shortcoming that the developers don’t have any control over: they can’t play visualizations while the iPod is running! Yeah that blows.┬áBlame it on the device, blame it on Apple, but you really can’t blame TMSOFT. They want the app to be able to rock with the iPod but it’s just not technically possible, and they say this right upfront in their app description.

Audiogasm is currently “free for a limited time!” so if you like zoning out to psychedelic patterns while your non-iPod music is blaring, go get it. The visualizations are pretty cool and very responsive so even the most discerning stoner should be able to enjoy it.

Whoa dude that's a trippy phone you got there

Whoa dude that's a trippy phone you got there

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