Q&F: Bart Board

Even if you’ve been watching The Simpsons since their badly-drawn days on the Tracey Ullman Show, chances are you still have to hit ‘rewind’ if you miss whatever nonsensical crap Bart has scrawled on the chalkboard during the intro.

Bart Board is a collection of those one-liners that you shake to get from one quote to the next. That’s it! That’s all this app does, but then again that’s all it promises.

It has a healthy number of chalkboard quotes, many of which I double-checked against The Simpsons Archive just to be sure they’re legit (and they are), but the app seems to start repeating much sooner than you’d expect for a TV show gag that’s been ongoing for a good 15 years. Hopefully Desire Life Software will make some effort to round out the collection in a future update.

Bart Board may not have every single quote from every single show but as long as it’s free it’s probably worth a download if you’re a rabid Simpsons fan with a few minutes to kill. Just be prepared for the amusement to be short-lived.

The hell it's not!!

The hell it's not!!

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