Q&F: Boombox




If you’re an old fart like I am, you remember those days in the 70’s, when guys with big hair carried around enormous boom boxes on their shoulders blasting Kool & The Gang loud enough to deafen a small child six blocks away.  Well, Gorloch Interactive has done a pretty slammin’ job of taking the feeling of the boom box and squishing it into a nice little application that streams pretty much any song you could ever ask for from 

Now, I have what I like to call eclectic taste in music.  So imagine how thrilled I was to find both the latest from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as well as that Glen Campbell classic “Witchita Lineman” both available!  Not only is the music library vast, but the user can select songs found and create their own playlist.  If you like the song well enough to want it around all the time, a handly little “$” button will take you to the iTunes store to purchase the song. 

There are a few little irriatations that didn’t really take away from my fondness of Boombox.  First, you have to be connected to WiFi for it to work, even if you’re a 3G iPhone user.  Ok, I get that one, and I can let that slide.  There’s also no way to move to the next song, or back to the last, but the developer says that’s in version 1.1, soon to be available. 

Besides that, I’d say Boombox is exactly what I look for in a free application (did I mention, it’s FREE?) – it’s useful as well as entertaining. 

I just love the little equalizer.

I just love the little equalizer.

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