Q&F: Buzzillions Mobile


Buzzillions Mobile from Power Reviews Inc has made the  leap to the iPhone and I definitely like it.  This app allows you to enter in keywords pertaining to a retail item and returns reviews to help you decide whether to lay down the jack for that fancy new brickabrack.  It’s not perfect of course as reviews are culled from only a certain number of sources so you aren’t going to find everything. However, the site claims to have 2300 partner sites and the fortunate end result is you will find a LOT.  3G and Wifi are preferred of course but it’s such a streamlined interface it’s even usable over 2G for the most part (and how many apps can make that claim).   I was able to find the relatively obscure LG universal holster I have for my iPhone as well as the Dirt Devil Detailer on my desk…not bad.  My single gripe is interface-related.  The app really needs a 1-touch way to cancel what’s in the search box so you can quickly enter new items; as it is now you have to backspace manually.

Power Reviews Inc makes some interesting statements about the service, check them out when you get a moment.  They aren’t trying to sell you anything and they take steps to make their reviews better than the sites they pull from so they aren’t just regurgitating but trying to add value.  This is a good thing for us consumers, no doubt.

For anybody who shops online or at a store (is that broad enough for ya), a review aggregator like this is a godsend and especially when it’s never any further away than your iPhone.  Ya, you definitely want this app.

Version reviewed 1.01

Simple and efficient interface

Simple and efficient interface

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