Q&F: Christmas App Roundup, Part 1

The number of holiday apps in the iTunes App Store is growing by the second! I’ll be picking through them over the next week or three in a series of upcoming Q&F posts like this one. Here’s to hoping you have a nice, safe holiday season, and please remember that it’s very bad to trample Wal-Mart employees to death while you’re doing your shopping. OMG people are idiots.

Don’t you dare pay for a “Christmas Countdown” app! Get the ad-supported Sleeps to Christmas instead and throw the buck you would have spent into one of those red Salvation Army buckets.

Dardan Software, maker of Escape Pod and Alphonetic, apparently realized that a countdown-only app is a total waste of space so they were kind enough to throw some holiday jingles into Sleeps to Christmas. You can choose from eight different songs like Deck the Halls and White Christmas, and a quick tap on Santa’s sign will change it to show how many sleeps (days), hours, minutes, or seconds remain until a fat, bearded stranger breaks into your home through the chimney.

Sleeps to Christmas works as promised and the music is a nice touch, so if the kids haven’t learned to read a calendar yet this app will do a nice job of telling them what they want to know.

Sweet, Christmas is just a 627-hour nap away

Sweet, Christmas is just a 627-hour nap away

If you know the full lyrics to more than a couple of Christmas carols, you are a gigantic loser!! For the rest of us, Xmas Carols Lite provides the words to 20 songs including all of the most popular Christmas carols and several that I’ve never, ever heard of.

Xmas Carols Lite doesn’t play music, it just gives you the words. The developer, Dok LLC, says “we will be releasing a Christmas Caroling app with even more features soon” so I’m guessing you’ll have to buy it when it comes out if you want to do a full-on sing-a-long.

I think it’s nice that you can get all the lyrics to Christmas carols in one app, but if a bunch of Christmas carolers come to my door singing and holding iPhones I’m gonna turn the hose on them. Actually I think I’ll just turn the hose on ALL carolers, regardless of what they’re reading lyrics from. It’s gonna be hilarious!

This will come in handy when the inevitable "12 Days of Christmas" trivia question gets asked

This will come in handy when the inevitable "12 Days of Christmas" trivia question gets asked.

Christmas Sounds Free is an ad-supported collection of 16 Christmas sound effects. Press a button, play a sound. Press the same button again right away, and now the sound is playing over itself! Once a sound starts there’s no way to stop it, and I’m not sure if this is intentional (probably not) but it’s kind of entertaining.

If you just start pressing buttons all over the place it won’t be long until you’ll have produced your very own Christmas Symphony From Hell. Bonus points to KVapps for making the Santa recordings so amateurish that they’re borderline funny.

Kids will likely enjoy the hell out of this app, so you should definitely get it as long as you’re emotionally prepared for the endless holiday racket that will ensue. An ad-free version of this app can be had for $.99.

"Mommy why does Santa sound like he's drunk?"

"Mommy, why does Santa sound like he's drunk?"

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