I have DirecTV at home, and this app rules!! I have yet to actually need to use it because I’m always home, but I bet if I had a life it would come in handy on a regular basis.

DirecTV’s app isn’t just for flipping through channel listings… it also lets you set your DVR to record stuff! I did a couple of test runs and it worked great but with one little flaw: it told me “your receivers do not support Record Series”. I was able to set it to record an episode with no problem, but my receiver definitely does do the Record Series thing so someone’s gonna have to fix that bug.

Otherwise, if you have DirecTV at home as your satellite TV provider you should definitely be getting this app ASAP! You never know when you’ll forget to record something awesome.

As far as other cable/satellite TV providers are concerned, I can’t say for sure whether they have similar apps available, but quick searches for Comcast and Dish Network only yielded a Comcast channel guide. Another search for “DVR” brought up generic results like i.TV (which now supports Tivo) but that’s about it.

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