Q&F: DoGood



Ah, to be young and full of hope.  I remember being like that, before I got cynical and exhausted.

But three young college grads in Michigan are still hopeful, and they’ve created DoGood, their first iPhone app under their collective moniker of Mobil33t LLC.  Now, normally on a free app, I’d give you a few sentences about it and go on with my weekend.  But DoGood has inspired me to put in a bit more effort in the hopes that a few more of you will try out the app and be motivated to pay it forward, so to speak. 

The app is pretty simple.  Every day there is a suggested “do good” task, like thanking a teacher, or use less water.  If you need some inspiration to do the “do good,” read short posts from others around the world who have done it.  If you do it, great!  Share how it made you feel or what you did, and get a running tally of all the “do goods” you do.  You can even post them to your twitter account, automatically.

It’s a simple idea, but it does reinforce the notion of one small gesture a day making a difference in the world.  And, with it right there in the palm of my hand, staring me in the face, I have to admit, I felt a little guilty if I didn’t at least try to do the daily “do good.” 

If I had to make one suggestion to the Wolverines, I’d have some way to screen the feedback.  Some of it was downright raunchy (see the comments on the ‘do something you love’ DoGood), from losers who think it’s a joke.  I’d definitely rethink your “appropriate for 4+” rating until you have this filter in place. 

Other than that, bravo, my fine young chaps.  I hope you change the world, one iPhone user at a time.

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