Q&F: F-MyLife

If you’ve never been the website FMyLife, it’s kind of like Twitter for losers who just can’t get a break… people post very short anecdotes about how F’d their lives are, always ending with the abbreviated mantra “FML”, and then the rest of the world votes on whether the person’s life is truly F’d or if they got what they deserved. A typical FML goes like this:

Today, I got kicked in the face at a soccer game. Everybody clapped. FML

Most are two or three sentences, but you get the idea. F-MyLife by enormego is one of several iPhone versions of the FML website (not sure which is “official”, if any) and if you enjoy basking in other people’s misery this app is a must-have! I personally believe that at least half the FMLs posted on the site are fake, but eh whatever… it’s entertaining and the app lets you vote and read comments, so if you need yet another time waster then grab this freebie. Posting and commenting aren’t available yet, but will be soon.

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