Q&F: Fishing Frenzy

Near as I can tell, there are two main reasons that Fishing Frenzy has earned a crappy 2-star rating in the iTunes App Store:

  1. Instructions on how to play are nearly non-existent and it seems a lot of people can’t figure out how to play it
  2. The game has only 12 levels, so the fun is pretty short-lived

Here’s the answer to #1: Tilt the iPhone left and right to move the boat around the water, and tilt it backwards and forwards to move your fishing line up and down to hook the passing fish. When you get a fish on the line, it’ll jump out of the water and you have to catch it in your boat in order to score any points. As for #2… uh… can’t help you there!

This game isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty decent for being free even if you’ll have it beat in one sitting. Kind of reminds me of Cannon Challenge… nice gameplay, but just not enough of it.

Tintash Ltd. claims the “free” price is a “special introductory offer”, but at this point the game has over 7,000 App Store reviews and it’s still free so I wouldn’t take that line too seriously. In its current form, Fishing Frenzy feels like a good Lite version, but I’d only be willing to pay for it if a lot more levels and various types of challenges are added.

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