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If you’re a casual shoe shopper, this app may not be very interesting, but if you’re a shoe fanatic like me, it is fantastic. Pictures of shoes, shoes and more shoes.

The best thing about this Shopstyle app is that when you open it, you briefly see a title page and then just shoes. High heels, flats, pumps, wedges, boots, more shoes than a normal person could wear in a year.

Once you find a shoe you like, tap on it and you get a detailed description and price of the shoe. The price range of the selections is also very broad. There are $50 shoes and $850 shoes. I did find out that all the shoes I like fall into the completely unaffordable range of $500 and up. Apparently I lust after Italian leather.
Then tap the retail button and you are directed to a  retailer website . I would like to see more than one retailer represented per shoe and I’d like to see the choices of colors available on the shoe description page. Now you have to go out to the retailer to see all available colors.

Another great thing is the finder. Scroll the wheel to pick a shoe style and designer, and you get a large selection of shoes by that designer. The app even pictures shoes that aren’t in the original gallery. So if you don’t immediately see something that twinkles your toes, just go to the finder and browse through tons of designers. Pick Dolce and Gabbana; pumps, and you get 56 different shoes to browse. And that’s just one designer. You can choose Easy Spirit, (as if) or Christian Louboutin, (my man!) or Diesel(too tough).

The pictures are great, being just the right size to show the whole shoe and yet close enough to see the details.

This is one app that keeps shoe lovers on their toes.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I think I feel faint.
Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I think I feel faint.

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