Q&F: Mafia Wars

Already playing Mafia Wars? Join my family: 6004 1919 01, and you can join Chrisa’s too: 0003 0252 57

I’ve always wanted to be a crook but I’m too pretty to go to jail, so I’m getting my jollies through Mafia Wars instead. Zynga’s role-playing masterpiece is already a huge hit on the social networking sites and it’s finally available on iPhone.

In Mafia Wars you do “jobs” (ie: pulling heists) for cash and experience, and as you level up in experience you get rewarded with stat points. Those stat points get spent on whatever character attributes you want to build up. You can increase your stamina which helps if you live to brawl with other players, you can build your “secret skills” which are basically extra attack/defense stats that are hidden from others, or you can do what I do which is dump all those points into energy which means you can do more jobs and earn more money. In this game, cash is king (at least it is to me!) and it goes a long way towards turning you into a powerful crimelord.

As you gain experience and cash, new doors get opened up. The array of weapons you can buy gets bigger, the list of jobs you can do grows longer, and new properties become available for you to operate. Everything’s interconnected… you need certain weapons to do certain jobs, you need to do certain jobs to earn enough to buy more expensive properties, and more expensive properties generate a bigger hourly income that you earn in realtime so that you can buy the bigger guns.

Mafia Wars is a truly social game that lets you grow your mafia family by connecting yourself to other players. See that bold text at the top of this post with Player IDs for Chrisa and me? That’s the social element of this game at work, and the bigger your family becomes the more of a badass you are in this virtual crime world.

One thing it desperately needs, though, is a leaderboard! If you’re the biggest, baddest mofo on the block, you want the world to know, right? Zynga seems to know what they’re doing, so I bet they’re working on it. It would also help if the app would respect the iPod which I’m kind of surprised it doesn’t already do.

Whether you’re already a hardened veteran from playing Mafia Wars on Facebook or completely new to this whole role-playing deal, you should give this game a try. It’s fun, addictive, and free, so “youse got nuttin’ to lose”.

If you’re looking to expand your own Mafia Wars family, please post your Player ID in the brand-new forum that I’m working on! 

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