Q&F: myLanguage

In a heroic bid to save the world’s languages, here comes myLanguage from to the rescue!  On the more plebeian side, it’s a translation app.  However you wish to tag it, it’s a very handy app for those who travel the world a fair bit or are simply otherwise exposed to different languages on a regular basis.  At it’s core, you pick the desired source and target language then enter the phrase you want translated.  Oh but there’s more…

  • landscape support (every app that features typing should support this, even you Apple)
  • font size adjustment (from the settings page)
  • searchable translation history (which can be cleared)
  • language/country dialect pairing
  • rate translations, suggest improved ones and even send them as emails
  • zoom translation results with a double-tap
  • gps location for current country (gps feature can disabled)
  • quickly swap source and target languages
A very cool feature is that should you notice a language not listed for a country that should be, you can notify the developer from a contact form without leaving the app.  I’m not sure how they determine what new languages should be listed but one would presume it’s based on the number of requests.  Having visited Peru in recent years, I suggested Quechua which has to be the poster child for a dying language.  That said, there are already a lot of languages covered, so many that they have it sorted at the top level by continent then country and finally by language.  Another thoughtful feature is the ability to set the ’start page’ for when you first load the app; it can be the main translation page or the language selection or history for example.
I found this app to function exactly as advertised and have only a minor gripe regarding the UI.  When you want to select a new source or target language, you can’t just go pick the language; you must pick the new language AND the country before you can return to translating.  This is certainly to preserve the ‘pairing’ logic of the app but it does add a weensy amount of confusion and delay in picking a new language.  Being free, you do have to endure some AdMob banners at the bottom but it’s not a notable issue and business is business after all.
Great little app to have on your iPhone, very handy.  Recommended!
Version reviewed – 1.0
Reviewed on – iPhone 3G 8GB 2.2.1
Ah, landscape mode is so nice...

Ah, landscape mode is so nice…

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