Q&F: Scent of a Chicken

With the iTunes App Store now sporting about 30,000 apps, developers are desperate to stand out from the crowd. How desperate, you ask? Desperate enough that one company has figured out a way to MAKE YOUR iPHONE SMELL LIKE CHICKEN.

Yeah, you read that right! I never, ever, ever imagined that I’d be typing these words but it’s true: you can make your iPhone smell like a rotisserie chicken. When the Scent of a Chicken review request came in I was like pfffffft yeah right these people are idiots… but what’s amazing is that it actually works! Tap the picture of the big juicy chicken, wait about 20 seconds, and suddenly it’ll smell like you’re at a summer barbecue. Seriously, it smells EXACTLY like roasted chicken. Un-freakin-believable.

I emailed the developer to ask how they pulled this off, and apparently what the app does is spark a mini power surge from the battery which raises the temperature of some of the chemicals found in the phone’s components, the key ingredient being ‘bromine’. How this adds up to chicken smell I have no idea, but it’s a pretty cool concept.

It also sounds like it could be damaging to the phone, but Hooklyne & Sincker insists that the only side effect of using Scent of a Chicken is rapid battery drain. My battery went from half to near zero after about 15 chicken taps, and it also felt a little warmer than usual. Functionally, though, there’s been no change after showing off the chicken to about 100 people, all of whom were like WTF!!!!

Included is an options panel that lets you adjust the intensity of the chicken smell, and it also has a slider that goes from “less roasted” to “more roasted” but it didn’t seem to have that much of an effect.

Smoked sausage and pork chop smells are supposedly coming in a future update, so if this kind of thing impresses you (how could it not!!) get the app while it’s free.

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