Q&F: Space Deadbeef

I would give the game ten stars just for the name alone! I mean seriously, any app that has the word “beef” in the title gets my attention (unless the app is named Beef Hunks Photo Finder, then we’re barking up the wrong tree). Nonetheless, I.D.P.’s Space Deadbeef is way more than just a flashy name; it is an absolutely addicting space-shooter game!

It works like this: start off blasting small enemy ships, incinerate larger enemy ships, obliterate more powerful enemy ships, and then go head-on with the master snake ship. Rinse and repeat, only at a slightly more difficult level. In terms of variety, you won’t see much; in terms of difficulty, you will get wiped off the face of the planet in later stages. In order to control your ship, you have to touch the screen either above or below your ship to move it up or down. This can be tricky at first since you also use the same finger to shoot your gun or launch missiles. A good optional update would be to have the ship controlled by the accelerometer (though I kind of like the current method of gameplay).

What really makes this game rock is the sweet, sweet satisfaction of launching limitless amounts of homing missiles at your enemies! I drool every time this happens! If you play this game with good headphones on, you are treated to a bumping soundtrack with amazing sound effects that compliment the game. So, when Mistress Deadbeef calls, you say “yes, ma’am, may I have another!”

Commence drooling ... NOW!

Commence drooling … NOW!

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