Q&F: Star Trek Phaser

If Leonard Nimoy were writing this review he’d say that releasing this piece of crap is highly illogical. I’ve seriously been more entertained by watching Captain Kirk’s commercials than firing the “phaser” in this sad excuse for a movie companion app.

There are other Star Trek apps out there, most notably the game from Electronic Arts which probably kicks ass because they always make good stuff, but Star Trek Phaser is a waste of space. In “freeplay” mode you just touch the screen to fire the phaser, and in “game” mode (and I use that term very loosely) you’re trying to hit a target that moves back and forth across the top of the screen. The phaser is stationary and you have to fire when the target is at dead center. Snore.

The phaser itself is nicely rendered, but I think you’d have to be a radically hardcore Trekkie to find any joy in this app. Come on Paramount! You can do better than this.

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