Q&F: Steppin

Steppin is free, but the fact that there’s a lite version suggests you’ll have to pay for it eventually

Have you ever seen an obstacle course where you have to run over a set of tires? Imagine doing that with your fingers… with way more tires… and you’ve got Steppin! This is a funny little game where your goal is to “step” on every part of the course as fast as you possibly can while also dragging downward to reveal the next part of the course. Miss a step or step off the course and you get penalized.

Steppin comes with five such courses (pond, ice, lava, hopscotch, and climbin) and has the most impressive global scoreboard I’ve ever seen. For each course it shows best players ever, best of the week, best today, and there’s also a Hall of Fame which (I think) reflects the fastest total times for players who have completed all courses.

ustwo did a pretty nice job on Steppin so if you’re in the mood to test your finger skills you might as well grab it while it’s free.

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