Q&F: Tank


I want a tank and I want one now! My 1996 Subaru’s a tough little bastard but it doesn’t have a rotating turret and I can’t use it to blow stuff up. Awwww who am I kidding… even *I* know that my dream of cruising for chicks in an armored death machine is probably never gonna happen, so I have to get my jollies in other ways.

Cyril Cambien’s Tank is a super simple 3D shooter that provides jollies aplenty: just roll your mobile cannon around a farm and shoot everything in sight! Sorry, there’s no livestock to slaughter (which is a shame), but there are plenty of other tanks to hunt down, and if you’re feeling especially destructive you can also blow up just about anything else you come across including the random ammo crates that are scattered about. It’s probably better to pick up the ammo rather than destroy it, but hey, do what you wanna do.

You can move your tank’s turret left and right, you control the tank’s speed and direction by tapping the onscreen D-pad, and the center of the D-pad is your Kill button for firing shells at other tanks. Don’t confuse this with the missile button… that’s for shooting down helicopters that will occasionally show up to harass you.

This game lacks the polish of fancier apps that cost money (no global scoreboard! awww dammit) but remember that it doesn’t cost a penny and it isn’t ad-supported either. The graphics are decent, the sound can be muted with the iPhone’s “silent” switch, and radar is provided so you don’t spend all day rumbling around Green Acres looking for other tanks to beat up on. Tank is just a fun, free download that’s worth a look.


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Get off my farm you commie bastards!!

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