Q&F: Terminate Me

Movie tie-in apps are great when they’re (a) free, and (b) don’t suck the big one. Terminate Me is free and, although it’s not perfect, it doesn’t totally suck either so I guess this one’s ok in my book!

Terminate Me lets you import a photo (or take a new one) and knock out certain parts so that the face looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s after getting bashed in with a muffler pipe. First you align, then you do some tapping to let the metal parts show through.┬áThe align tool is a bit off in the accuracy department and resizing is slow, but in the end Terminate Me gets the job done.

Movie marketing apps tend to have a pretty short shelf life, so if you’re gonna goof on your friends’ pics the time do it is now! It’s easy, it’s mildly amusing, and it costs zero so hey why not.

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