QuadCamera – Multi Shot Cam


You know those photo booths where you sit there while it pops flashes in your face and then spits out a strip of photos of you making an ass of yourself? That’s what QuadCamera does! Kind of. It obviously won’t spit anything out for you to stick to the fridge, but it does produce a series of images that get strung together and saved to your camera roll.

QuadCamera is pretty sweet… you can set it to take four photos or eight, you get to choose whether the images are arranged in a row or tiled in two columns, there’s an option to shoot in black & white for you artsy types, and you can even adjust the length of delay in between photos to go as long as 3 seconds. The fun part comes when you snap the pic and your iPhone makes the camera noise on each photo snap, just like those fashion and sports photographers with their big expensive cameras that shoot several frames at a time.

The iPhone’s camera is notoriously bad at capturing anything but a very, very still photo so unfortunately you’re still screwed if your subject is moving around, but I’m sure there are times when a little motion can make your photo series look that much cooler. QuadCamera also applies ToyCamera’s retro vignette effect to photos where the corners look a little darker than the rest of the image. I think it looks pretty cool and it’s definitely not a bad thing, but it’s something you should be ready for just in case you’re not a fan of this kind of photography.

If Takayuki Fukatsu could figure out a way to make QuadCamera save each image individually (instead of as a single-image series) this app would be a total must-have. I don’t know if that’s even possible but, as it stands right now, it’s mostly just a fun toy that does exactly what it promises and it does it well. $1.99 seems fair enough, but according to the App Store description the price will be rising to $2.99 after some user-generated improvements are implemented in a future update.

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