Quadraticus puzzle game for iPhone

If you like puzzlers then you should really consider Quadraticus.

The premise is that you’re shown a colored pattern of wooden blocks and your goal is to recreate that pattern using variously shaped blocks. Each of the blocks can only be moved in one direction – either horizontally or vertically and they can’t be rotated. The first few puzzles are definitely easy and you’ll have to do is slide blocks into place in the right order; however, things quickly get more complicated from there. Subsequent puzzles force you to place some pieces and then rotate the game board and then place others. You have to visualize how the pattern on the board should look but from different orientations which was really challenging to me.

You have an option to turn on a Hint which just entails ghosting the image of the pattern on the board so you can remember what it is. I would have been totally lost without this and I’m definitely glad it’s there.

The game includes OpenFeint for online leaderboards and achievements. Also, each puzzle has a par times to solve it and you can earn gold, silver, and bronze ribbons if you can meet them.

The game’s music is a nice relaxing zen tune and fits in well with the overall theme.

Overall, I definitely recommend it if you like puzzlers.

Video review:

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