I’ve always been drawn to bright shiny objects, and Quadrix is very bright and very shiny. Like most puzzle games it’s based on a really simple premise but, naturally, it’s way harder than it looks.

Your mission in Quadrix is to shuffle the colored tiles into patterns by using the grid’s lone empty square to move the colored blocks one space at a time… arrange matching colors into blocks of four, create a full column or row, put one in each corner of the board, or make a diagonal line that stretches from one corner of the grid to the other. There are also occasional powerups that help you out in various ways such as stopping the timer temporarily or boosting your score. 

Child’s play, right? NOT! Robert Neagu, the maker of Quadrix, isn’t gonna let you off that easy. The game has a timer built into it, and you need to make a winning arrangement before that timer runs out. If you don’t, one of the tiles will become locked and you can’t move it, and most of the time that will put a major cramp in your ability to put things where you want them. You can get rid of the locked tiles by using them in a winning arrangement, but if enough tiles stay locked it’s Game Over, so you gotta move fast.

Quadrix lacks a global scoreboard which is disappointing, but I think the most frustrating aspect of the game is that it seems to go on forever! There are no breaks, no levels to conquer… you just keep going on and on and on until you lose or your finger goes numb, whichever comes first. I guess this is why Quadrix bills itself as a “Finger Workout”.

Still, Quadrix is a well-polished app with nice graphics, all the right sound options, and smooth gameplay. It’s a good game and for just $.99 Quadrix is worth a try, especially if you’re a hardcore puzzler. If it turns out you’re awesome at it, be prepared for your index finger to get huuuuuuge from all that exercise.

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