QuikAdd – Add Contacts and Check-In to Foursquare at the Same Time!

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Add New Contacts and Check-In to Foursquare at the Same Time with QuikAdd for iPhone

Beijing, China, August 30, 2010:  Roosher Inc, a developer of social mobile apps, launched QuikAdd today on App Stores around the world. QuikAdd is the fastest way to add contacts to the iPhone and allows users to simultaneously check-in to Foursquare. Follow this link to download the app

Key Functions:

  • QuikAdd employs a database with over 30,000 of first and last names, enabling users to enter any name with just 2-3 taps.
  • Using the time saved, QuikAdd users can search nearby locations to find and save the place where they have just made a new friend
  • Connect to Foursquare and users can earn badges and mayorships with each new friend they add to their phone

QuikAdd is an innovative first in a series of applications by Roosher Inc. Roosher’s mission is to enrich offline conversations using online content by integrating social networks into basic everyday apps; to bring context to conversations with new friends and acquaintances, and spark new conversations with old friends and family. Follow Roosher @ or on Twitter @

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