RC vCar: Augmented Reality Remote Control Cars

Pop Culture Software, LLC, has announced the release of their new RC vCar app, {accessible|available} on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad 2. RC vCar is a virtual radio controlled {automobile|car}.

“We {had been|were} brainstorming about our next iPhone app,” {stated|said} John Barnhart, software developer for PCS. “I asked my son what he thought it {ought to|should} be, and he {stated|said} ‘Daddy, {cannot|can’t} you see? I want a remote control {automobile|car}!’ It {truly|really} broke my heart. So he was my test driver, and that was the {begin|start}. We {believe|think} this app will make us {well-known|famous}, a star of the platform. But in between, you {ought to|should} drive this {automobile|car}. And we’ll {adore|love} you for it.”

RC vCar uses Augmented Reality {technologies|technology} to put a virtual rc {automobile|car} on the floor, or on a desk. The user controls the {automobile|car} by {utilizing|using} speed and steering sliders on the screen, just like a {normal|regular} R/C {automobile|car}.

Augmented Reality is {technologies|technology} that enhances a user’s perception of their environment. By {searching|looking} {via|through} the iPhone camera, a user can see an enhanced version of the world around them.

“I {believe|think} our prospects are {great|good} with this app. {Comprehend|Understand}, RC vCar will run on any Apple device with a gyroscope and a forward facing camera, which {consists of|includes} the {newest|latest} iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. We’ve been working for peanuts until now, and {that is|that’s} all {extremely|very} fine, but this app will show us {much better|better} times.”

RC vCar {functions|features} working headlights, engine sounds, a horn, and {consists of|includes} {five|5} {vehicles|cars}:
%u2022 Soft {leading|top} coupe
%u2022 {Big|Large} wheeled pickup truck
%u2022 Pink convertible
%u2022 Police {automobile|car} (with working light bar)
%u2022 School bus (with working {quit|stop} lights)

“I {believe|think} the most {enjoyable|fun} {component|part} is the horn. {It is|It’s} like, beep beep, beep beep. Yeah!”

RC vCar is {accessible|available} on the App Store, or {go to|visit}

{web site|website}:



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