Read Between The Lines: the iPhone app that defines LMAO

With these 20 “Fun and Hip” text abbreviations, RBTL’s Lite version gives you a taste of what’s in store for you, once you download the full version. So check it out, and when you’re ready to Get Hip… download the complete WTF or OMG text lingo dictionary.

WTF and OMG are the ultimate in text lingo dictionaries, allowing you to figure out what the heck your BFF’s are trying to say. Discover hot new (and cool old) abbreviations, making it easier for you to say more… in less. After all, isn’t that the main reason you text? This application delivers the text lingo you need, where you need it most… right into the palm of your hand.

Full Version Features Include:

• Explore new terms & keep your friends guessing
• Pick and Pop – Pick your favorite lingo and pop-it into your message
• Less is more – Say what you want with simplicity and style
• Use new terms to add some humor to your messages
• Search through thousands of text abbreviations
• Look up definitions in a snap
• Find an abbreviation with ease
• Share your favorites on FB and Twitter
• Alphabetical Indexing
• Easy to use
• Fun and Colorful Design
• 100% Ad free

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