Read for Me!: Snap a printed text and get its translation!

Read for Me! makes it insanely easy to get a translation of a printed text simply by taking a picture of it.
It can recognizes up to 30 languages and translate them between 36 languages.

Why Read for Me!?

You may already have encountered a situation where you want to read signs, menus, notices, etc… but you can not do it as it is written in a foreign language you don’t know. Read for Me! will help you to get a translation of that printed text simply by taking a close-up picture it.


- Photo translation from up to 30 languages
- Translation into 36 languages
- Text selectioBn with the finger
- Manual input of text for translation
- Manual correction of the OCR if needed
- Text-to-speech: support 18 languages
- History of all your translations
- Photo saved if no network connection
- Full screen mode to show the translation
- Share the translation by email


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