Real Soccer ’09

Real Soccer ’09 is an impressive soccer emulator from the creator of Brothers In Arms. Packed full of features, teams and locations, this game includes touch-screen functionality for kicking, passing and performing tricks, and throw-ins can be done by tilting your iPhone.

I’m just going to say now that this is easily the most detailed and inclusive touch-screen soccer game that has been created to date. There are 198 international teams available within six leagues, and through a licensing deal this game even has all the real names of players from each team. There are twelve heavily-detailed soccer stadiums available to play in.

You can also choose the conditions of play, difficulty, extra rules and duration of exhibition matches. One game could be a rainy night, another could be a beautiful Madrid day. While in the game, it’s possible to switch around formations and make substitutions. Normal Rules apply, and it’s very possible to get carded and get a player kicked out of the game.

[courtesy of Touch Arcade]

What is staggering about this game is how easy it is to control. left-hand controls give you a directional-pad to run with, and right-hand controls are a simple A and B button. Tricks are also available by moving your finger around an open part of the screen. Lob kicks can be performed by starting in the A button and sliding up, and passing back and forth between teammates occurs by just tapping the B button as many times as you’d like.

I also noticed that you can listen to your own music while playing the game without doing the “pull up iPod options while initiating the game” trick. When the game begins, it asks you if you’d like to enable game sound. If you choose No, the game will simply allow your music to continue playing. It’s quite handy.

The Good: Easy to get into, great controls, great graphics

The Bad: I am hesitant to say that the controls are perfect

The Bottom Line: Real Soccer ’09 is definitely as real as mobile phone soccer applications come. This game is worth it if you’re at all into soccer, and I give my accolades to the designers for making such a sleek, immersive gaming application for the iPhone.

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