Recipe Binder for iPhone

Based upon the popular Facebook application Recipe Binder, which has over 5,000 daily active users and over 20,000 recipes, Recipe Binder for iPhone allows the budding chef to search for and manage their favourite recipes on the move, in the kitchen, or when you’re doing your groceries and need to check on the ingredients!
For just $1.99 you can:

access all of the 20,000+ recipes on Recipe Binder through the keyword search
access the recipes you’ve submitted to Recipe Binder via Facebook Connect
access your favourite recipes
add and remove favourite recipes, all synchronised with Recipe Binder for Facebook in real time
In future versions:

we hope to add support for storing your recipes and favourite recipes on the iPhone, so you don’t need to go online to access them
we’ll allow you to rate recipes
we’ll allow you to add new recipes on the move
we’ll incorporate any other suggestions our users may have!
Recipe Binder for iPhone has been developed and maintained by myself in my spare time, with an API created for me by the Recipe Binder creator, Chris Riley. We are passionate about making this as successful as Recipe Binder for Facebook, with the focus on making the application as useful as possible for our users. We would appreciate any comments / reviews you could add to your site.

If you require any information / promo codes, feel free to contact me directly.

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