REGIFT 1.0: Keep track of the gifts you receive on your iPhone (Free Promo Code)

New iPhone App REGIFT Designed to Help You Save Money and Save Face
Embarrassed to REGIFT? Don’t be. REGIFTing has become a global phenomenon. In fact, two out of three adults have already either REGIFTed or plan to REGIFT in the future.

Instead of cluttering up your closet or plunking unwanted gifts in the trash, you can use REGIFT, a new iPhone and iPod Touch App from New Jersey based Cold Cuts Media, to keep track of them, and pass them along on your next gifting event.

REGIFT 1.0 is the first application of its kind that will catalog the gifts you want to REGIFT, and keep record of who not to give it to. The App costs $0.99 at the iTunes App store, and is available worldwide (in English for the 1.0 release).

Simple to use, REGIFT will allow you to enter a gift you’ve received, who gave it to you, when and why. But more than that, you can also enter who not to give it to in the future, and who you did give it to.
REGIFT will also prompt you to check for personal information in the gift, such as a card, engraving or other tell-tale signs of REGIFTing — before you REGIFT it — ensuring no more embarrassing REGIFTing moments.

You can finally put all those unwanted gifts, toys you already have, clothes that don’t fit, and products you don’t need, to good use. No need to worry about returning items, gift receipts or exchanging for something else — simply REGIFT them — without embarrassment! You not only save time and money, you also save face.
Feature Highlights:

• Keep track of gifts received that you want to REGIFT
• Add a photo of gifts to each entry
• Keep track of who gave you each gift
• Manage what occasions you received gifts from
• Add notes on who NOT to give the gift to
• Categorize all your gifts into easy to find categories
• Mark a gift as “REGIFTed” and store it in the archives

Don’t let your next REGIFTing experience turn into a comedic disaster, let REGIFT keep your secret safe.
REGIFTing Tips:

1. Never REGIFT used items — trust us, you’ll miss that stain on the sleeve, but the recipient won’t!
2. Always make sure you’ve removed all personal aspects of a gift, including that store receipt from 2007!
3. Rewrap your REGIFT in attractive packaging and paper — never reuse the wrinkled paper you received it in!
4. Use REGIFT to keep track of your presents and avoid embarrassing REGIFTing moments. You’ll never be stuck without a gift again.

Compatible with iPhone 3G/3G S and iPod Touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or Later.

Pricing and Availability:
REGIFT 1.0 is offered at the introductory price of $0.99 USD and is available worldwide in English exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Lifestyle category.
Cold Cuts Media:
Download and Purchase:
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Cold Cuts Media is a small, privately-held company founded in 2009 by Tina Nacrelli. Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, Cold Cuts Media, a technology company, is focused on iPhone and iPod Touch applications that emphasize convenience and ease of use by delivering real, practical solutions.

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