Relax Touch Sense – Feel & Cool Down

Want to relax?!
This app will get you soothed and relaxed like a sleeping baby.
Unique and rare images and ideas have the power to relax. The combination with outer space has a strange effect, soothing and relaxing people.
This app uses the iPhone to emanate waves of relaxation. Look deep into the outer space, and move the aliens around the screen. You’ll discover they move in very relaxing ways.
check out video here.

* delayed movement to relax
* relaxing rainforest sound – shake to activate
* specially designed aliens
* mysterious outer space
* impeccable performance
* 5 different aliens
Buy this app and get rid of stress very very quickly!
Get it here
App name: Relax Touch Sense – Feel & Cool Down
Release Date: Jun 18th
Category: Entertainment
App page:
Link to App Store:

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