Remind Me


“Out of sight, out of mind.” We’ve all heard that saying before. Smudge Apps helps us keep focused with Remind Me. It’s a tool you can use to remind yourself of, well, whatever’s top of mind for you. The developer lists things like, shopping list, to-dos, notes to self… the usual suspects. I’m an organization freak so I “got” the idea of this app right away.

When you open the app the splash screen is the first thing you see. To me, it seems to linger about one second too long. My natural inclination was to start looking for something to press to get things moving. Eventually it slides away and leaves you with a set of index cards on an attractive star-filled background. From there you can fill the cards with your reminder of choice by touching the “Edit” button.

Once you’ve put in your reminder, you have options to right-, left-, or center-justify your text. Nice. Then you choose your note style and wallpaper. Choosing is as easy as flicking right or left on either the note or the wallpaper. If you are the adventurous type, then you can select “Random” to have both the note style and wallpaper fall where the dice roll. All-in-all, Smudge Applications has given six different backgrounds and eight different note styles. Good variety.

Once you have chosen your look, you then press “Save to Wallpaper.” A pop-up note informs you to open the settings app and tap on wallpaper to choose your new home screen wallpaper… your newly minted reminder. The operation of this app could not be any easier. It’s straightforward. Easy-as-pie.

I like the idea of this app but I think it’s major shortcoming is the fact that you have too many steps if you are frequently changing the reminders, say daily or many times a day. That can get old. Ultimately, I found a good use for my iPhone: a customized positive affirmation reminder! Every time I open my iPhone, I’m reminded of something positive to motivate me through the day.

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