Resounder – The Ultimate Soundboard Application

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comOkay, so there are soundboard apps strewn about the App Store like greasy popcorn husks in a movie theater. So what separates Resounder from the rest? Well, you aren’t getting just a soundboard, per se. Sure, we include four soundboards to get you started, but Resounder’s true value lies in giving you the ability to create your own soundboards. This gives you the power to annoy your family and friends and amuse your coworkers for all eternity with truly infinite soundboarding potential.

Resounder is a soundboard application for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad that lets user create their own custom soundboards. We decided there were way too many “single soundboard” apps on the app store and one that could serve as a “catch-all” (along with allowing users to make their own instead of relying on a specific app) would be great. Some of the features include:

* A sound library, which is a collection of all your sounds so you can mix and match sounds between soundboards.
* A built-in web browser that allows you to find and download sounds for your soundboards from the internet.
* A “remote upload” capability which allows you to upload sounds to your iPhone directly from your Mac or PC (using a WiFi connection).

You can see the website at We have many more features planned for an upcoming build, including the ability to share whole soundboards with other users, and an iPad version is currently in development.

Resounder is only $1.99 on the app store! Stop by and grab it today.

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