Revertis: Cool the Touch Strategy Board Game

Revertis is a challenging and addictive puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Think you can keep Rervertis streak going?  There is a lot to think about.  Can you keep the color matching going and leave room for more moves?  Hurry.  You may only have a few seconds before your move it taken for you.   Try Revertis today, you won’t be disappointed.revertis iphone ipad app review

Revertis is a game board where you place colored pieces by sliding your finger over the virtual frozen ice (complete with animated frost).  You place 4 pieces at a time but they have to be placed in contiguous spaces. The challenge is to make the colors match the existing colors on the board.  If you aren’t careful, you will fill up the board quickly and leave no place for the next 4 pieces.  When that happens, the game is over.   
Game center is fully integrated so you can check on how your friends are doing with Revertis.  As an added bonus you can post your game results directly to your Facebook status.

The graphics are great. Revertis even includes a very nice animation when you place your pieces and remove your finger.  Very cool.  I didn’t really get the spaceship background graphic on the iPad.  I could revertis iphone ipad app revieweasily see different skins for Revertis to change the background image and the game board.  Although this enhancement could be interesting it wouldn’t enhance the gameplay.  

I really liked how Revertis is configurable.  You can change the board size, change what counts for contiguous colors, and change the time of your turn.  If you don’t want the pressure of time you can even turn it off.  When you post your game results to Facebook your game configuration is included.  That’s a nice touch because I want to know if my friends are running with different settings before I give them any credit for beating my score.

As if that’s not enough, they have a lot more features planned for 2.0.  Buy it now so you get to upgrade for free.


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Revertis - Ewgeniy Oganian




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