Review: Mivizu Sleek Apple iPhone 4 genuine leather flip case

When it comes to cases for the iPhone there are 3 main types of cases.

  1. Pouch Cases
  2. Snap On Cases 2
  3. And Flip Cases

One of the better flip cases on the market for the iPhone is produced by Mivizu.  I have been carrying the case for a couple of weeks now and it is a quality product.  It is made of a soft leather and really adds a look of class to an already great looking phone.  I got the Dark Croc case pictured here.  The case has a soft inner lining that offers scratch free protection for the iPhone and remains very slim so that it is easy to slide in to your pocket.  It also has some padding to the front of the case that protects the case and adds a real feel of quality to the case when closed.  The flip has a small clip that locks securely over the top of your iPhone and locks the case securely closed.

Flip cases offer the advantage of protection for your iPhone while in your pocket and in use.  Pouch cases are great for protecting your iPhone in your pocket, but leaves it vulnerable in use to drops and scratches.  Snap on cases protect the iPhone in use but leave it vulnerable in your pocket.  Only the flip cases can do a good job of protecting your phone in and out of your pocket or purse.

The Mivizu case excels at providing great protection at the same time adding a very rich high end look to your iPhone.  Currently is offering these cases for $19.95 (price subject to change) in 6 different colors.  That is a great buy if you are in the market for a great looking, functional case for the iPhone.  They have Verizon models too.

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