Revinyl Music Quiz app for iPhone and iPad

A new and intuitive music quiz
The first visual music quiz
Makes you rediscover the songs and cover-art of your record collection
Turns your iPhone and iPad into an interactive music game board
Lets up to 4 people compete in PartyMode

In the future, Revinyl will aim to find new and fun ways to play with music, develop new ways to discover, rediscover and collect music

What is ReVinyl?
With ReVinyl, you are the mastermind behind your own tailor-made music quizzes. Create a quiz and challenge your friends’ music intelligence, by seeing who can recognise the tune and its cover art the fastest. Extra points are then gained in the follow-up questions. This intuitive application makes your iPhone or iPad an interactive game board for up to four music junkies.

What is underway?
In this first version of ReVinyl, quizzes are created using the music and cover-art in your own library but this is only just the beginning…Eventually you’ll be able to connect with other players via wifi/bluetooth and share music for quiz creation. Also in the pipeline is the ability to access the entire iTunes store, making it the ultimate quiz experience and enabling you to share your customized quizzes with the world. So not only will you use your musical wits against others but you’ll discover and rediscover music that you can buy immediately.
Go head to head with music fans across the globe in the ultimate battle of the audiophiles!

The Revinyl Philosophy, by founder Christian Faber
“Being a veteran music addict, vinyl collector and DJ, nobody is more thrilled than me about the digital revolution in which you can hold your entire music collection in the palm of your hand. These days, I’m always on the move when I hear music but I sometimes miss the meditative ritual of putting on some wax, studying the cover and diving into the music. Taking the time out to just listen when your vinyl hunt is over and the prey is brought back to the collection.

The convenience of buying digital music makes it almost too easy. Trawling through thousands and thousands of records in innumerable record stores taught me the magic of discovering new and old music in a random and chaotic way. The record cover visuals seduce and have a symbiotic relationship with the sound of the music, and vice versa. Revinyl aims to reconnect this bond between the album cover and the music inside. Discovering new music should be fun and what better way to have fun than using and expanding your music knowledge.

ReVinyl is about combining the convenience of digital music with the analogue charm and fascination of vinyl records so that you can rediscover the art of your music.

Enjoy ReVinylizing your music.”

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