Ribbit: drag and drop fun for toddlers

One of the things the iPhone and iPad are great for is that kids can use their fingers instead of a mouse. Still, as they are growing up they have to improve their fine motor skills. Ribbit is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop game that helps them do exactly that. It also teaches them how to match simple shapes by having them drop those shapes in the correct slots on the board.

Solving the complete board is rewarded by applause and a slideshow with colorful pictures of penguins, butterflies, kittens… And when the built-in picture sets aren’t attractive any more, you have the possibility to create your own sets by using pictures taken with the camera or from your picture library.

This way you can include pictures of mom and dad, siblings or aunts and uncles as background images that are uncovered. Or simply use those pictures from the last visit to DisneyWorld…

Ribbit is available on iPhone, iPod Touch and of course iPad. Download is free, a small in-app purchase unlocks all functionality.


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