Rocknor’s Donut Factory : a fun and addicting puzzle game

Sunnyvale, CA Duff {Study|Research}, LLC announced the release of Rocknor’s Donut Factory, the {well-liked|popular} PC puzzler from Monolux, for the iPhone platform. In this {extremely|highly} strategic game, players {assist|help} Rocknor save his factory by {studying|learning} the craft of donut-{generating|making}. They draw on their creativity, ingenuity and {great|good} old-fashioned imagination to progress {via|through} over 110 varied, {difficult|challenging} and addictive levels.

The recipe is {simple|easy}. Players take dough, shape it, cook it, finish it off with delicious toppings, then ship it out to hungry {clients|customers}. {Although|Though} {it is|it’s} not as {simple|easy} as it sounds! There are a limited number of machines and dough to get the donuts {created|made}, and the factory is a veritable maze of twists and turns. Players drag and {location|place} machine parts to {develop|build} a donut assembly line, test their solutions, then fill custom orders. Most levels even have {numerous|multiple} solutions!

Originally released on the PC, reviewers have applauded Rocknor’s Donut Factory as an {amazing|awesome}, addictive puzzler. DIY Games rated it the “Puzzle Game of the Year” in 2003, and Gametunnel gave it a “10 out of 10%u2033. With 111 levels included, {five|5} {various|different} factories, thousands of donuts, and the possibility of a level editor in the future, Rocknor’s Donut Factory for the iPhone takes what players {adore|love} about the original, and perfects it for the mobile platform.

“{It is|It’s} exciting to bring this {amazing|awesome} puzzle game to the iPhone” says Duff {Study|Research} Principal, Ramaneek Khanna, {1|one} of the {3|three} founding Principals along side Tim Nichols and Geoff Chatterton. “Clever and {difficult|challenging} casual games are {ideal|perfect} for the iPhone platform and optimizing the graphics and user interface for the touch screen has {created|made} Rocknor’s even {much more|more} intuitive and {enjoyable|fun}.”

Time to make the donuts!

111 levels and {five|5} {various|different} factories
Over 15 {various|different} donut-{generating|making} machines
Game profiles for 4 players
{Total|Complete} {discover|learn}-as-you-play tutorials
Introductory beginner levels brain-teasing {professional|expert} levels
Changeable factory speeds
Most levels featuring {numerous|multiple} solutions, {permitting|allowing} for creative flexibility
Thousands of variations of donuts!

Rocknor’s Donut Factory is {obtainable|available} for $.99in the App Store on iPhone or iPod touch or at

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