Roll the Cube: the definitive iPhone puzzle game that tests your skills!

The cubes were mixed and also the problem is becoming complicated… have you been clever enough to resolve this game?

Adalta Applications just launched Roll the Cube, the brand new fantastic puzzle game for any age. Have fun with 25 high-resolution images, choose among 4 different game options, choose your preferred image and begin playing.
With simple actions you are able to turn, rotate or move cubes to rebuild the ultimate image. A vintage puzzle game for iPhone, Roll the Cube mixing outstanding graphics and incredibly responsive controls ensuring you a lot hrs of fun with beautiful HD images.

Key features
- Enhanced for both Standard and Retina display
- 2 game play mode (Simple and easy , Professional)
- 2 difficulty levels (12 or 20 cubes)
- 25 wonderful high res images
- Real feeling beneath your finger
- Appropriate for any age

Roll the Cubes may be the definitive puzzle game on App Store!

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ADALTA – The Organization
Adalta Applications, the creator from the hit game Roll the Cube, is really a multimedia entertainment company located in Italia.
The present target platforms are iPhone, ipod device Touch and iPad.
Adalta Applications was founded this year like a development studio for mobile programs, and it is a part of the organization ADALTA, worldwide software distributor since 1997.
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