RPSOnline is a Rock Paper Scissors application that allows you to challenge players over the internet in this classic game of statistics and chance. Based upon the results of each game that you accrue over time, your scores are logged in the database and you can achieve rankings on the main boards.

The rules of Rock Paper Scissors are simple. First rule: Don’t talk about RPS. For those of us who honestly don’t know how to play RPS, you simply choose either Rock, Paper, or Scissors and any choice either loses or defeats another choice

Rock < Paper < Scissors
Paper < Scissors < Rock
Scissors < Rock < Paper

In order to challenge someone, you choose them from the main list, choose your hand-weapon and then push "Go!". Challenges can be faced at leisure and the runnings are logged automatically.

Pros: a fun take on RPS, easy to challenge, interesting social networking, high replay value

Cons: Design could use a bit of streamlining

Bottom Line: RPSOnline is a great take on Rock Paper Scissors. You can challenge players, keep tabs on your scoring and talk with other players. This game is a good time, but if you aren’t an avid fan of RPS, I’d suggest trying out RPSLite before buying the full version.

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