Santa Mega Pack- Manage Christmas Wish List and More with this Unique Holiday App

November –Before you know it, we’ll be carving our turkeys and soon after, the landscape will change to bright white. Christmas Eve, an evening that can best be described as awe-inspiring, will be here soon — a night where children count every minute on the clock, bright-eyed and overwhelmed with anticipation, while carefully listening for the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells. This Christmas Eve, leave the note for Santa, along with milk and cookies, but don’t be surprised if he thanks you with a text message. Welcome to Christmas in 2010, even Santa has joined the technology age and parents couldn’t be jollier.

Santa Mega Pack is an essential tool for holiday survival, enabling parents to discourage bad behavior and celebrate good behavior by dialing into the North Pole. This year, parents can navigate their way through the holidays with ease and grace by using the App to manage kids’ Christmas lists, painlessly inform family members of gift preferences and to encourage angelic behavior. Throughout the holidays, parents can rely on the App to provide hours of educational fun via high-quality stories, coloring books, puzzles, mazes and games, during one of the many shopping trips or long car rides.

Santa Mega Pack iPhone App is the only App of its kind, as well as the best value — for a modest $1.99, you’re getting ten apps in one!! This includes all four languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

Santa Mega Pack, Request Santa creates holiday magic for the entire family due to the convincing nature of the App. Never has Christmas been easier for parents:
* Parents can manage Christmas lists and promote good behavior for an unlimited number of children.
* Children can call Santa to leave their Wish list as many times as they like, whenever they like; Wish lists (audio files) can be forwarded to family members painlessly, with the click of a button and saved for a timeless keepsake.
* Parents can select when and how Santa will communicate with children for the ultimate reaction.
* Calls from Santa are of the highest quality and may be selected from a wide variety of naughty or nice responses, such as Good Listening, Good at School, Not Behaving, Not Sleeping, and many more.
* Text messages from Santa are fully customizable (by parents).
* Kid testing proved to be overwhelmingly positive, particularly for children ages 2 – 8 but Santa Mega Pack, Request Santa had a positive effect in older children as well –rekindling Santa excitement for doubtful children.
* Bilingual homes can change languages for that special touch — even Santa’s voice changes languages! Choose from English, Spanish, French or German.

• Holiday Story Books – children can read one of three engaging holiday stories with rich audio and high definition animation.
o Santa and the Magic Fireplace– An original, heart-warming tale about a little girl who makes the holidays special for her family by being very creative.
o Santa and the Too Tall Chimney – Santa and his reindeer must overcome a variety of challenges in this original tale of holiday triumph.
o ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Revisit the classic poem by Clement Moore with new illustrations and audio.
• Holiday Coloring Books – Children can flex their creative muscles while designing their very own holiday masterpiece. Choose from eight whimsical holiday scenes.
• Holiday Puzzles – Children can improve hand-eye coordination by solving eight vivid holiday puzzles. Puzzles consist of traditional wooden style puzzles, as well as a unique animated jigsaw puzzle!
• “Match-n-Melt” Memory Game – Similar to the traditional matching card game, this game reinforces children’s memory by letting them match cute animal pictures and sounds to reveal a secret holiday picture beneath!
• “Reindeer Roundup!” Holiday Mazes – Santa is missing his reindeer! Children must use the accelerometer to tilt their way through five challenging mazes to help Milo recover Santa’s reindeer.


Santa Mega Pack iPhone App is available in the iTunes store. Santa Mega Pack iPhone App will soon be available on iPad, to learn more,

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