Santa Talk Time is more than just a cute kids app.

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Atlanta based software company Brumbelow software has released the first iPhone app that lets kids video chat with Santa.

Today, Brumbelow Software, an Atlanta-based company, announced the release of Santa Talk Time for the iPhone and iPod touch. This app lets kids receive multiple calls from old Saint Nick and video chat with the big man throughout the holiday season.

Parents have the option of picking from a variety of subjects when choosing a video that cleverly creates a faux two way conversation via video chat with Santa Clause. Subjects cover the range of Christmas topics such as list submission, Christmas eve ground rules, encouragement for the good child, cautionary reminders for the naughty child and many more. The app invites the child to create a list via email that the iPhone forwards to Santa, friends and family.

Santa Talk Time is more than just a cute kids app. The subject of some videos (Slim it Down) help the parents ask the child to be a bit more realistic with their choices in a humorous and engaging way while other videos (Santa’s in on Vacation) let the child know that it’s a bit too early to be asking Santa for presents. All of the video chats will engage and entertain the kids and have the adult side of the family rolling with laughter at the inside jokes like Santa’s request for sugar free cookies. It seems Misses Clause has been (all over Santa about the cookies) as he has had some (health problems) as of late (he declares holding his enormous belly).

The app is sure to get the whole family involved with many videos that the grown-ups can set-up special calls for throughout the Christmas season. Parents simply launch the app, choose the desired video chat, choose from a list of preset delays (5-60 seconds), set the phone down and walk away. When the time is up a The iPhone rings with a Christmas themed ring and a picture of Santa pops up inviting the child to accept or decline the call.

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About Brumbelow Software
Brumbelow software is a Atlanta , GA based company started by Michael Brumbelow and wife Courtney to create engaging iPhone apps for families. The creation of Santa Talk Time was facilitated through a partnership with Producer Jake McCurdy of Cinemasters Independent Productions

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