Sapus Tongue

Sapus Tongue is a great example of how production values, accelerometer movement, and hilarious sound effects can make an otherwise idiotic game a lot of fun to play.

Your sole mission is to fling Sapus the frog or Monus the monkey as far as humanly possible. I dunno what these poor animals did to deserve such abuse, but they’re happily hanging from a tree and you need to rotate your iPhone in a swiveling hula-hoop motion to build up speed and then tap the screen to hurl them across the countryside. Speed and angle of release are key, and getting a good combo of both takes some practice. Points are based on distance, so the farther you fling the higher your score.

I’m convinced that if anyone other than Sapus Media had built this game it would be one of the dumbest apps in existence, but Sapus Tongue’s quirky soundtrack sets an amusing tone as soon as you see the menu screen and the rest just kind of falls into place. Everything from the way Sapus and Monus scream as they’re flying through the air to way they’re yanked back to the tree for another round of torture is just plain funny, and it all lends to this game’s oddly addicting quality.

Sapus Tongue has a couple of bugs in it, one of which sends your flying pet off-screen for an eternal tumble (see my 100,000+ points in the screenshot below) but the in-game restart button makes it very easy to recover from this glitch. Local and global high score boards are included and there’s even an in-game instructional video in case you need some training.

Hopefully Sapus Tongue’s bugginess will be fixed soon, but even now it’s still very playable and a lot of fun. There’s also a lite ad-supported version available if you’re not ready to part with that dollar yet.

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