SatWeather: a weather application that allows you to see real-time images received from the satellite

SatWeather is a weather application that {allows|permits|enables} you to see {real|actual}-time images received from the satellite to {understand|comprehend|realize} the evolution of the clouds all over Europe.

It {provides|offers|gives} a frame {every|each and every|each} hour from 4am to 7pm UTC (6 to 21 European time).
Note: {Because|Simply because|Since} the frames are a {combination|mixture} of the images from the visible channel with those from the infrared channel, they are {available|obtainable|accessible} only {during|throughout|in the course of} daylight hours.

With this, {unlike|in contrast to} the {similar|comparable} applications, you can make your own {idea|concept|thought} on the {Real|Actual} weather conditions.

{Among|Amongst} the settings you can {choose|select|pick} your {area|region|location} of interest, the length of the animation, from {3|three} to 16 frames (with resulting {difference|distinction} in download times), and the speed of it.

There are also buttons to control the animation manually, and {one|1} to update frames if there are new ones. Note: the frames are {available|obtainable|accessible} approximately 25 minutes {after|following|right after} the image is captured by the satellite: the image of 10am can be downloaded on your device at around 10:25am.

The images cover most of Europe (hereinafter the detailed list), and the {large|big|huge} resolution {allows|permits|enables} zoom on your {area|region|location} of interest {without|with out|without having} losing {quality|high quality|top quality}.

The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

List of {available|obtainable|accessible} countries:
ITALY: Italy, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia.
SPAIN: Spain, Portugal.
FRANCE: France, southern England, Belgium, Netherlands.
GERMANY: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Republic Czech, Poland, Slovakia.
GREECE: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia.

All images {used|utilized|employed} come from EUMETSAT (

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