Save Christmas with this Father and Son Developed Game

Beaverton, Oregon (November, 18, 2010) – Hager Apps has released Berserk Elves for iPhone and iPod touch. The third game from Hager Apps is available today from iTunes or Berserk Elves is a advertisement-supported iOS game with the option to remove the advertisements for $2.99.

“As someone involved in the Oregon game development scene, I am constantly hearing from peers the world over who love the Portland area and lament the lack of a serious game development industry here. Yet Oregon’s game industry is growing in part due to the explosion of games for the iPhone, iPad and social networks,” said Ed Kuehnel of EGK Interactive.   “Beserk Elves is yet more proof of this; a proud entry into the Oregon games cannon.”

Jonathan Hager and his son Preston, who is seven, developed Berserk Elves after Jonathan returned from a development workshop, iOS Dev Camp, in August. Preston asked his father what it takes to developed a game for iPhone. Rather than just talk about making a game, Jonathan and Preston began brainstorming.

Two months later, Jonathan and Preston were happy with their game, but they knew that the mock up graphics and sounds they used we not good enough to release to the public. That is when the father and son team used crowdsourcing to polish the game.

Jonathan submitted a design brief to and received over 86 entries from 5 different graphic designers. The winner won because his animation of the elf being hit by a snowball. The sounds and music used within the game were licensed under the  Creative Commons Attribution License and attributed to Mike Koenig, and Austin Hillebrecht (another Portland native).

With the virtual team in place Jonathan integrated the graphics, debugged the game and submitted to Apple.  You can download Berserk Elves from the App Store on iTunes, or from today and try to save Christmas.

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