ScanMe – Awesome Biometric Finger Scanner!

The Best Finger Scanning App in the App Store!

Utilize this cutting edge finger scanning app to instill endless fun and confusion among your friends, family, coworkers and classmates! Con one person after another into thinking that you’re “The Best!” or “The Hottest!” or any other number of polished compliments with the ability to enter your own results!

After scanning a finger and determining the result technique the application will deliver one of two pre-programmed results! Trick your friends over and over again as they struggle to figure out the algorithm!

Is your coworker not taking the hint that he/she is too intoxicated to drive? Does your classmate lack proper hygiene? Use this technique and this application in countless situation to politely inform him or her.

Here’s the technique:

Intoxicated Situation:
Set Result One to: “Your BAC is over the legal limit! Do NOT drive!”
Set Result Two to: “Your BAC is under the legal limit.”

Hygiene Situation:
Set Result One to: “You need to shower!”
Set Result Two to: “Proper hygiene confirmed!”

Have people scan their fingers and they’ll all be given Result Two. When the person you’re trying to inform tries, flick the secret switch and they’ll be given Result One!

Use the Random Result setting to randomize the result returned! Great for parties or groups!

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