Scoop: Dungeon Defense New Content Preview!

Note my original review is located here if you need to catch up on what this great game is all about.

Lucky me.  For the last couple days I’ve had the pleasure of running a preview copy of the impending Dungeon Defense update through its paces.  This update adds several gameplay tweaks plus 1 major chunk of content:  a new map called Blood-Orb!  Among other things, it hints at the cool story that will be unfolding regarding one aptly named and highly evil Dungeon King…

In my time with the new build I was able to beat it on all skill levels and I can tell you that it’s a great challenge and hordes of fun.  Here are some interesting things I noted during my conquest (note this is not an official feature list but my own commentary):

-no Dungeon King this time, now you must protect the mysterious Blood-Orb…but what is it exactly?  In time, in time…
-the Orb dishes out a heavier dose of lightning justice than DK and regenerates health from slain hero souls (and the fans rejoiced!)
-default unit move speed seems a bit faster now
-heroes enter the map from 4 spawn points!
-leveling up a unit now performs a full heal
-rogues appear to be more thick-skinned now but they do have a weakness….
-bonus gold amount is now displayed at the end of each round

No griping about how there could be snow in a dungeon either; I have it on credible source that we may not in fact be underground anymore…

Here’s the current roadmap to chew on and the dev train is a rollin’ so get on board:

- Submit on 4/7: New map “Blood-Orb”
- Submit on 4/14: New map “Crypt Siege”
- Submit on 4/28: Endless / Random game mode
- Submit on 5/5: Scoring system

PS – here’s your special Easter surprise DD fans, a kickass teaser pic of the upcoming 3rd map!

Pending any delays from Apple the Blood-Orb update should be ready for mass consumption within the next week so keep your eyes and i’s peeled and get ready for more wanton hero slaughter.  Gimme your war cry! Aaahhhhhhhh!!!

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