ScoreEuchre: Keep Score Without the Hassles

New Century Digital is pleased to announce the release of version 1.02 of ScoreEuchre.

Since version 1.0, ScoreEuchre has eliminated many of the problems associated with traditional Euchre scoring methods. There are no score cards to knock on the floor, no forgetting to move the marker to keep track of whose deal it is, no relying on the other team to keep track of their score, and no confusion about how the current score was arrived at.

ScoreEuchre’s attractive views puts the score keeping method Euchre players are used to right onto their iDevices . And since ScoreEuchre keeps track of who’s deal it is, players no longer need to pass around a marker, with the inevitable forgetting. As an added bonus, there is a game history screen which records each hand played making it possible to review the game to resolve disputes about the score. Unlimited Undo’s and the ability to change dealers manually rounds out the features ScoreEuchre gives to the user.

ScoreEuchre runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad (which works very well enabling all the players to easily see the score). Spend more time playing and less time keeping score!

What’s different in Version 1.02 – Listening to customer is the best way to improve a product, and New Century Digital does just that. The Score Pad view has been improved for better clarity, and the History view now follows the theme of the app.

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